DEMAND Your Choice
The consumer campaign for full and fair insurance reimbursement
for mercury-free dental fillings
You or your employer pay your dental insurance premiums like

So you naturally assume your dental insurance company – the people you've been paying faithfully all these
years – will show the same good faith when it comes to supporting your dental health choices.

But no.

You learn too late that when it comes time to pay for filling your teeth, the only thing your dental insurance
company will fully cover is highly-toxic, inferior mercury amalgam fillings.

They won't fully pay for YOUR CHOICE of safe, clean, proven white composite fillings and that means you'll need
to dig deep in your pocket to pay the difference.

It's the old bait and switch. And it's wrong.

It's doubly wrong because half of America's dentists – a number
that grows each year – operate totally mercury-free practices.
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That means your dental insurance company not only requires you to put toxic mercury in your mouth to get full reimbursement, they also make it impossible for you to see one of America's Mercury-Free Dentists without paying more out-of-pocket.

It's time to Demand Your Choice. Tell your dental insurance company you want them to fully cover safe, proven white composite fillings and the dentists who are committed to mercury-free practice.

Take these quick, easy Demand Your Choice Action Steps RIGHT NOW.
Sign the National Demand Your Choice Petition.
Consumers for Dental Choice will deliver your message, along with those of thousands of other policyholders from all across America, directly to your dental insurance company and state insurance department.
Send a Letter Directly to Your Dental Insurance Company and Your State Insurance Department.
Personalize, print and mail a Demand Your Choice letter directly to your dental insurance company, or enclose it with a premium payment or claim form.

Be sure to send a copy to the Director or Commissioner of your STATE INSURANCE DEPARTMENT for maximum impact.