DEMAND Your Choice
The consumer campaign for full and fair insurance reimbursement
for mercury-free dental fillings
To My Dental Insurance Company

As a policyholder, I strongly support Consumers for Dental Choice’s campaign to assure that dental insurers fairly and fully reimburse safe and proven, mercury-free composite dental fillings.

Right now, your policy unfairly pressures me to choose a so-called “silver” amalgam filling – which, as you well know, is just a deceptive name for toxic mercury – from a shrinking list of dentists who still offer them, in order to be fully reimbursed for the service.

Amalgam is unacceptable. It’s a primitive, pre-Civil War neurotoxin and pollutant that’s proven to weaken tooth structure.

According to the terms of your policy, if I choose a modern filling such as composite resin – which protects both my tooth structure and the environment – your policy forces me to pay the difference out of my own pocket in extra service fees and co-pays. Your policy forces me to pay more for the most basic service which you promised to cover: filling teeth.

That’s wrong. Your policy negates my right to make health care and environmental choices that are right for me, my family and my community.

I demand my right to choose mercury-free dental fillings and ask you to immediately remove your bias in favor of mercury-based fillings and the dentists who offer them. I demand full and fair reimbursement of composite fillings, the standard filling material in today’s America.

It’s my mouth. This is my choice. And I’m asking you to respect it.

cc: My State Insurance Department

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